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  1. Introduction

1.1 WorthAi Ltd (“we”, “us”, “our”) is dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of our clients, including website visitors, service users, and individual customers along with their personnel.

1.2 This policy governs our role as a data controller for the personal data of these parties; wherein we establish the objectives and methods for processing such personal data.

1.3 Our website incorporates privacy controls that facilitate your preferences regarding marketing communications, and the collection, sharing, and disclosure of your personal data. These controls are accessible at [URL to privacy controls].

1.4 Our website utilises cookies. For non-essential cookies, we will seek your consent on your initial visit to our site.

  1. Personal Data Collection

2.1 We collect various categories of personal data as detailed herein.

2.2 Contact data: Includes name, email address, telephone number, postal address, and social media identifiers. This data is provided either by you or your employer.

2.3 Account data: Comprises account identifiers, names, email addresses, business details, and interaction records. This information is either supplied by you, your employer, or generated through our systems.

  1. Data Processing Objectives and Legal Basis

3.1 We process personal data for the purposes of operating our website, fulfilling orders, delivering services, managing our business, and adhering to legal mandates. This processing is grounded on legitimate interests or contractual necessity.

  1. Disclosure of Personal Data

4.1 Personal data may be disclosed to our insurers, professional advisors, and service providers as necessary for operational, business, and legal compliance purposes.

  1. International Data Transfers

5.1 In transferring personal data internationally, we comply with UK and EU data protection legislation, ensuring appropriate safeguards.

  1. Data Retention and Deletion

6.1 Our data retention practices conform to legal obligations regarding the preservation and deletion of personal data.

  1. Your Rights

7.1 Under data protection law, you hold rights concerning your personal data, including access, correction, erasure, and data portability.

  1. Use of Cookies

8.1 Details regarding the usage of cookies on our website, the types used, and management options are provided.

  1. Amendments to the Policy

9.1 This policy will be updated as needed, with significant changes communicated to you.

  1. Contact and Company Details

10.1 WorthAi Ltd, registered in England and Wales under company number 13212545. Registered office: 160 Potovens Lane, Wakefield, United Kingdom, WF1 2LF.

10.2 Contact us via:

Post: Using the address above.Website contact form.

Telephone: +447753447828.


  1. EU and UK Representation

11.1 Our EU and UK representative concerning data protection law obligations is Alexander R M Worth. Contact details as provided above.

  1. Data Protection Officer

12.1 Our Data Protection Officer is Alexander R M Worth, contactable at our registered office or as provided above.

WorthAi Ltd GDPR and Data Retention Policy


This policy delineates WorthAi Ltd’s approach to handling and retaining personal data, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its principles regarding data retention.


This policy is applicable across all departments and personnel involved in data retention at WorthAi Ltd. It covers all types of data handled by us and extends to all geographic regions where we operate.

Data Retention Principles

Lawful Basis for Retention: WorthAi Ltd shall retain personal data only when a lawful basis for such retention exists.

Data Minimization: We commit to retaining only the minimal amount of personal data necessary for the intended purpose.

Data Accuracy: WorthAi Ltd will take reasonable steps to ensure that all personal data is accurate, current, and updated as necessary.

Retention Periods

WorthAi Ltd will retain personal data solely for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was initially collected. This includes adherence to legal, regulatory, and business requirements. Retention periods will be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure ongoing legal compliance.

Data Disposal

Upon expiration of the data retention period, WorthAi Ltd will securely dispose of personal data through deletion, anonymization, or archiving. The disposal methods will adhere to applicable legal and regulatory standards.

Data Subject Rights

WorthAi Ltd acknowledges and respects the rights of data subjects under GDPR. This includes rights to access, rectify, and erase their personal data. We will address and respond to data subject requests promptly and within the framework of data retention.