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Networking Event Co-Pilot

Augment Your Teams & Wokflows with Custom Ai Applications

Connect & Follow Up Automatically at Your Next Networking Event

Ai Powered Connections and Automated Follow Up

Take a photograph of a business card or event display and let this Ai App “read” the data, capturing eMails, website address, name & company position. Auto-update your CRM, and send follow up emails. 


Custom Ai Applications Built Specifically For Your Business Processes

The Ai Advantage

Upgrade your business workflows by harnessing the power of Ai Applications & Automations

Ai applications that can intelligently automate your most repetitive work flows, offering Time-Savings that work to grow your teams productivity.

Redefine your customer support, upgrade your outreach, onboard & up-skill your newest team members with the power of generative Ai


Securely Connect  the Data and Apps that Matter  to you 

An Intelligent assistant to elevate  & Automate your business operations,  that executes tasks and keeps you up to date.

Generate content and export to wherever you want. Train your Ai on your data for personalised outputs that are on-brand and generated at scale. Maintain control with ongoing fine tuning of your Ai app


Powerful Ai Apps for Your Teams & Processes

Applications that empower people  across your business functions 

Connect Your Ai Application with Popular Services 

Discovery & Planning

How do we Work?


Jump on an Ai Discovery call with us and we will dive into your current workflows to identify where Ai can support you


We take the insight from the Ai Discovery Call and plan the optimal Ai Workflows & Automations to meet your business needs


Time to Build! Once agreed our team of Ai Developers get to work building you custom Application